Cleanse Day 1: by Meg

Each day of the cleanse, one participant will share how the “experiment”  is going so far for them.  We encourage you to use these daily messages as a source of inspiration, encouragement, laughter and community as we all learn more about how different behaviors and  foods affect our bodies, minds and spirits.   Please comment on the posts with your thoughts and experiences as well — the more sharing the better!
by Meg O'Connell

by Meg O’Connell

I moved into my cleanse with a ‘passing of the torch’ so to speak, the night before!

Last and first sips!

Last and first sips!

I poured an Epsom Salt Bath and I brought the last few sips of my glass of wine and a cup of my hot water with lemon along with me.   I was ready to begin the next 7 days.

'Cranberry Cocktail' prep

‘Cranberry Cocktail’ prep

I woke up and heated my water through my Keurig, so it felt familiar.  I scrambled to get food in me within an hour of waking up, I think I was 10 minutes late, which was pretty good considering I had to get three kids to school solo!

Yummy snack

Yummy snack

At the end of day one, I feel like I can do this!  I didn’t have a caffeine headache, although I was a bit tired at times.  The meals weren’t as hard as trying to figure out that go-to snack.  I am known for grabbing one of the kids’ cheese sticks to get me through, so what did I do…roasted some broccoli and cauliflower, that my youngest ate half of…it was yummy!  I picked up more almonds and nuts at the store today, so I don’t have to spend the time preparing snacks for the rest of the week.

I did miss that little bite of salted chocolate caramel after the kids went to bed and I hope that gets easier because even the cookies as the mall looked good to me today!

So tempting…

I feel confident that I can make it through the week and excited to see how the body changes with each day with all of this apple cider vinegar, lemon and cranberry!

4 thoughts on “Cleanse Day 1: by Meg

  1. Sam McClure

    I have question about the necessity of the snacks. I started the cleanse on Saturday because it was easier for me to figure it out on the weekend (many trips to the farmers market and various grocers), and have not been the least bit hungry between meals, so have not snacked. Is that detrimental to the process?

    1. Neissa

      Great question Sam! The recommended 5 small meals (including snacks) is not so much about the cleansing process as it is about keeping your metabolism boosted throughout the day. Healthy snacking keeps you from having metabolic dips throughout your day and keeps you from becoming hungry between meals, which can lead to overeating at main meals. So, If you constantly keep your body fed and your metabolism fed, you won’t have low points in your day nor any crazy cravings! If you are feeling fully satisfied between meals, we definitely don’t want to force you to eat while you’re not hungry. However, if you start to sense any dips in energy and you are fully hydrated, then grabbing a small snack like a small handful of nuts will help keep your energy constant and keep any cravings or sudden hunger attacks at bay later in the day. Keep up the great work!

  2. Anonymous

    Sam, I’m with you! I haven’t snacked either! I feel its from the satisfaction of drinking so many liquids and staying hydrated all day. I try my best to hydrate all day usually, but I feel like I’m drinking more water now than ever, which in return, is keeping me satisfied.

    1. Neissa

      This is such a great point! So many times when we think we are hungry, we are actually dehydrated. Instead of reaching for food, first drink a full glass of water (or the iGnite cranberry water) and see if after 5 minutes your hunger subsides. If you are still feeling hungry, then grab a healthy and satisfying snack from the list of recommended snacks in your cleanse materials. I’m so happy you’re feeling hydrated and satisfied!


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