To Cleanse or Not To Cleanse

7-Day Cleanse Details

by Neissa Brown Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

There’s no doubt we live in a time of information overload, and I mean overload. We can’t turn on the television, flip through a magazine or read any social media stream without being inundated with the ‘latest and greatest’ health study, new trend or (unfortunately) fad diet. One would think that having access to this wealth of information would be liberating and helpful, but instead it can be paralyzing which leads us back to square one: not knowing what the heck to do!

In iGnite, we believe in moderation. We have found the only way to live a sustainably healthy life is through balance & moderation.   What this means is participating in daily, varied forms of exercise that give us strength, flexibility, balance and energy, as well as consume a clean and wholesome diet consisting of as much “from the earth” food as possible, which of course does not mean “a perfect diet” and absolutely means a semi-regular dose of dark chocolate and glass of wine.   🙂

iGnite 7-Day Cleanse Details & Registration

We also believe in an occasional/bi-annual cleanse.  Regardless of how healthy one’s diet is, by simply living we ingest and consume toxins. From the air we breathe and the computers we type on, to the food we eat — toxins are everywhere.  And, as hard as we try to keep a nicely packaged and routine life, we all find ourselves busy and in a sleep deficit, causing us to physiologically crave unhealthy vices such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar and processed foods. Then, the downward cycle of a stressed body and weakened immune system begins, and the likelihood of catching a cold, being affected by seasonal allergies or the suffering (literally) from the awful flu spikes, not to mention a foggy memory, low productivity and less than optimal quality of life.

We spend most of our lives accumulating toxins and little or no time eliminating this toxic overload. Cleaning, de-cluttering and eliminating excess is necessary and frees up space in our bodies, minds and spirits. As a result, we tend to be more organized, more efficient, think more clearly and feel less stress. We’re just happier!  The benefits of performing a cleanse typically include: feeling better, increased energy, clearer focus and thinking, reduced need and dosage of medication, weight loss and lowered cholesterol. In addition, symptoms such as body aches, intestinal irritability, abdominal bloating, skin irritations, cramping, constipation and headaches improve as well.   All in all, we feel healthier and happier.

Interestingly, it’s all connected!  This is why a seasonal cleanse is essential, as it optimizes our functionality, longevity and overall quality of life.

There are so many cleanses on the market these days that it can be overwhelming, but we have created a cleanse that is — continuing with our philosophy of balance and moderation — realistic and not extreme, consuming real foods,  and incredibly rejuvenating and effective.   So, we invite you to JOIN US as we cleanse beginning February 20th!   If you are in Austin, you may participate in the entire cleanse, including the kick-off and closing luncheon presentations; however, there is also an option for “materials only”, allowing participation off-site.   For additional details about registering for the iGnite 7-Day cleanse, click here.

Austin-based cleansers will  enjoy presentations by local experts Clinical Nurse Specialist and Integrative Health Coach Kate Ferguson and Austin Whole Body Health’s Dr. Jeff Ulery:

Integrative Health Coach Kate Ferguson

Kick-Off Luncheon Presentation: “The Physiological Effects of Cleansing” with Clinical Nurse Specialist and Integrative Health Coach Kate Ferguson

Dr. Jeff Ulery

Closing Luncheon Presentation: “How to Successfully Proceed Forward Following a Cleanse” with Austin Whole Body Health’s Dr. Jeff Ulery



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