9 Reasons Why You Should Work Out Tomorrow…& the Next Day…& the Next…

9 Reasons To Work Out Tomorrow

by Kathleen Parker

by Kathleen Parker

Just in case you need a little extra incentive to put on your tennis shoes & get out the door, here is a little “recap” of my favorite reasons why you should work out tomorrow! …and the next day, and the next for that matter. 

  1. You SLEEP better
  2. People who workout during their workday are 23% more productive on those days than other days!
  3. Your energy greatly INCREASES and your thinking becomes CLEARER!
  4. Statistically people who work out regularly make more money than those who don’t!
  5. After an INTENSE workout, people learned vocabulary words 20% faster than after a low intensity workout — meaning that the more you challenge your body, the more your brain benefits!
  6. Exercise improves your outlook on EVERYTHING — and the lift in your mood can last for up to 12 hours after your workout.
  7. A study showed that the brains of people who exercised 3 to 5 days a week had an increase in the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory and learning.
  8. Exercise improves attention, memory, accuracy, and how quickly you process informationall of which help you make smarter decisions.
  9. And my personal favorite, IT IS JUST REALLY DARN FUN BEING STRONG!  You don’t have to say “no” to living a fun, fabulous, fulfilling, and passionate life.

All I can say is,  get your workout on!
Keep moving!


4 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why You Should Work Out Tomorrow…& the Next Day…& the Next…

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