The Third Metric

How do you define success?

by Pam Owens

by Pam Owens

I’ve been successful. That kind of “check the box” successful.  I’ve always been a pretty good student, excelled in college and graduated with a perfect GPA from graduate school while working three jobs —  one that had me traveling 40% of the time. I married the best guy ever who I grew up with and met in church, and launched a successful business that has sustained for years. We built a home, had two amazing children, are the first line of support to our aging parents and volunteer in the community.

Check, check, check!  I’ve checked all of the boxes. I did it “right” and in the “right” order. The problem was, I was not present for any of those activities. I was a spectator in my own life, and my definition of success (the one that society has truly thrust on all of us) had me fooled.

Then I realized that if I was going to get it right for the next quarter of my life, I had to enter into the third metric. Simply put: I had to redefine what success and well-being looked like for me. What about you? How do you “show up” everyday? Still checking those boxes? Come to the Intentional Renewal Retreat and figure your true definition of success… and walk away changed.

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Pam OwensPam Owens is President and CEO at Edge of Your Seat Consulting, Inc. and is a featured speaker at iGnite’s Intentional Renewal wellness retreat in February 2014.  Back by popular demand, Pam’s authentic, passionate and hysterical take on life is something all women can benefit from. As a wife, mother of two, business owner and speaker, Pam understands the importance of taking the necessary time each day to nurture oneself so you can be your best.   Known for her no-nonsense communication style, Pam has toured the U.S. for the last 16 years delivering customized training, strategic planning, fundraising consulting, keynote speaking and executive coaching for corporate clients, school districts, non-profits, higher education institutions, religious entities, and small businesses.  Join us at the Intentional Renewal Retreat and learn more about putting the “third metric” into practice in your life.


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