Living Forward

The only way to live is forward, but every now and then you’re permitted to look back, remember and laugh.  But, don’t waste too much time looking back…start moving forward again…it’s the only way to live.

Per this week’s Journal theme- to make it a goal to overcome negative and hurtful words or past experiences- this week’s video could not be more perfect! Check it out and remember these two things:

    1. To appreciate your past (even it was hurtful)
    2. Don’t let it keep you from living forward!

In the event that you are human like us, you can sometimes get stuck in the past, which does not add value to your present or future life. Living an abundant and joyful life (which we know is what everyone wants) is all about the positive energy we carry and pass on to others around us. In the event that you have yet to set any goals, or are having trouble determining a goal to set, you might consider letting go of and moving on from something hurtful in your past. After all, life is too darn short to carry anything that doesn’t serve us and our loved ones well.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION– What do you need to let go of to move forward with your life? 

7 thoughts on “Living Forward

  1. Landry Jones

    A friend who sends me awesome quotes and stories a lot emailed me this today, and it’s too great to not pass on: (reminded me immediately of the video above which I love so much. That guy in the video has inspired me and reminded me of living forward throughout the whole week 🙂

    Today is a bright new day. It is a day in which you can cast off the self-imposed and self-imagined limitations which have in the past held you back. It is a day full of new possibilities.

    Today is yours to experience, to live, to accomplish and to move forward. There will be some surprises, there will be some challenges. They are all part of the experience. They are all part of your learning and growth.

    You have no choice but to spend this day, and to use it up. Tomorrow it will be gone. Yet you do have a choice as to what you do with it. Though this day will not last very long, the goodness and value you create from it can be with you always. Keep that in mind as the moments fly away. Make sure you have something to show for those moments. This day, these moments are yours to use, but only while they’re here.

    Today will be gone very soon, and yet you can keep as much of its value as you decide to keep, by virtue of the efforts you use to fill its moments.

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