Being Conscious of What We ALLOW In Our Lives

What you allow is what will continue

It all begins and ends in your mind.
What you give power to has power over you, if you allow it.
– Leon Brown

What are you allowing into your life?
What do you need to allow more of in your life?

Take control over what you are allowing in your life.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

A few weeks ago I attended a noon yoga class at Black Swan Yoga. Unfortunately and for now, I am unable to attend an iGnite yoga class on Friday, so a 45-minute lunch hour class is my best opportunity.

The instructor, Gustavo, walked in and informed us to stand at the top of our mats in Mountain Pose, and with a passionate and beautiful Spanish accent he asked this question, “What are you allowing into your life?” Then, he said the following: “Today I encourage you to allow. Wonderful people, places and things can come into our lives when you simply allow them the space to be there.”

Being an intention and quote junkie, I thought this was a fantastic thought and suggestion! So, throughout my practice I contemplated his very introspective question: What was I allowing into my life?

Off the cuff, I felt confident I was allowing a lot of good, like: love, joy, fun, opportunity, gratitude and positive thoughts and people. However,  while I love my life, it and I have plenty of room for improvement, so I knew I had to go a bit deeper.  As I delved deep, I realized that not only did I need to know what I was allowing in my life, but in order to experience growth and create the life I dream of, I needed to determine what kind of people, places, thoughts or things I needed to allow and let in.

Honestly, I still don’t have this question completely answered. On the surface it seemed simple, but as I thought about all of the areas I needed to experience growth and change, I quickly realized this might take some time. However, I did leave Gustavo’s yoga class with extra awareness around what I was allowing into my life as well as what I need to allow more of in my life; because ultimately, I, like you, hold all of the power and get to determine exactly who and what we allow into our lives, which is a game-changing, BIG deal.

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7 thoughts on “Being Conscious of What We ALLOW In Our Lives

  1. Anonymous

    This is making me be mindful of what I’m allowing in. I do let lots of good things in: laughter, love, joy. I can also allow negative self-talk in which really can get me down. I plan to be intentional this week to not allow that in and hopefully start a new habit! I would love to cut out negative self-talk completely. It is definitely under my control! Thanks for making us think about this this week!

    1. igniteyourlifeblog Post author

      I can totally relate to fighting off those negative and critical voices!! The messages are all around us- telling us to compare ourselves to others and always strive for perfection…things which do nothing but result in our own disappointment that we are not perfect. No, we are not perfect, that is true. But we are awesome and we are continuing to grow as humans every day and enjoy the imperfections that make us fascinating individuals with unique minds and hearts. (:

      It sounds so simple to eliminate self-talk, right? But it’s just so much harder than we think because self-talk is so engrained in us!! Something that seems to help me change habits at times are thinking about what I want to do instead of what I want to eliminate… So in this case, imagine what you want to replace your negative self-talk with…
      Rather than thinking, “I want to get rid of those negative voices,” I try reminding myself that I have many awesome qualities, that I am doing the best I can, and that I am working to improve my life in all the ways I know how right now… Rather than thinking about what you want to eliminate or reduce, try focusing on your goal which can be a powerful tool. WHERE INTENTION GOES, ENERGY FLOWS!!! Does that make sense to you? We’re in it together sister (: ~Landry

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks so much! I love the idea of flipping it to intentionally making a goal instead of trying not to do something. I saw this phrase the other day and loved it: DON’T LET YOUR MIND BULLY YOUR BODY. thanks again!

    2. Anonymous

      It’s amazing how much doubt, fear, judgement, negativity etc. etc. etc. we allow to creep into our minds. I’m with you! Awareness is key and as long as we are aware of what we do and don’t want to allow into our lives, i believe we’re heading in the right directions 🙂 Neissa

    1. Anonymous

      That is so dang good! If only we all knew how special God made us and how precious we all are- THEN we’d certainly love and appreciate ourselves and wouldn’t allow others to treat us any other way than precious! Neissa

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