WORKPLACE WORKOUT: Tricep Dips at your Desk

Tricep Dips at your Desk

Performing a tricep dip is a simple and effective way to strengthen and tone the triceps, and simple to do at work to get your blood flowing and sneak in some exercise while you are at your desk.

Unlike our quadriceps, hamstrings and deltoids, the tricep muscle is small and not directly involved in most everyday activities; therefore, they lose their tone and tightness more quickly than other muscles do. While regular exercise, drinking at least 64 oz. of water each day and eating a high-protein / low-carb / good fat diet contributes to losing excess fat throughout all parts of the body (including the triceps), performing a dip can certainly help tone and tighten the tricep area.


  1. Place palms, fingers facing forward, on the edge of a bench or chair
  2. Sit up tall with straight arms, eyes forward, shoulders down and back, chest  out, elbows squeezed in tightly and glutes off of the chair (glutes ≤3 inches  from the edge at all times)
  3. Slowly bend arms (no more than 90 degrees)
  4. Slowly press up to straight arm position and repeat *For a more advanced dip, position your legs straight or keep one leg lifted and straight while the other leg remains bent

Important Pointers:

  • Avoid tricep dips if you have a shoulder injury
  • Never dip beyond a 90 degree angle. This places negative strain on  the shoulder, increasing risk of injury.
  • Be cautious if dipping on rolling or swivel chairs. An ideal dip setting is  on a secure and non-mobile bench or chair. If dipping on rolling chair,  place chair on carpet and in secure location, preventing chair movement  while dipping

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