Coloring Outside the Lines

“Treat yourself like you would your career, invest in you and the payback is priceless.”

-Billy Lewis

Point To Ponder:
Do you treat yourself to an occasional indulgent gift or do you put everyone and everything else in front of your wants and needs?

About Neissa

by Neissa Springmann

Just a few years ago, I would treat myself to a manicure and pedicure twice a month. It was a regular and non-guilty gift to myself and something that I would always find time for, until that is, I had my son Durant. Since then, I have done a pathetic job of making and justifying two hours a month to enjoy the pampering and quiet time that Mi, my sweet nail tech at Best Nails, gives me.

Thankfully, last Wednesday I was scheduled to attend the Helping Hand Home Champions Luncheon (which happened to be A-MA-ZING and kudos to Monarch Anne Jarvis!) and knew that my funky fingernails and toenails would not foot the bill. So, I finally scheduled a mani/pedi during lunchtime the day before.

As I entered, my spirit beamed with excitement and I couldn’t wait to pick my color and sit in the chair. I felt like such a rebel for taking time out of the work day to do something indulgent (or at least that was the story I was telling myself), which must’ve been why I picked purple polish!

Needless to say, my Tuesday afternoon trip to Best Nails was wonderfully revealing. For starters, I was reminded how good I feel when my hands and feet are soft and pretty. I’ve even caught myself admiring my purple nails! Next, I have always thought of myself as a free spirit, but I realized that lately I’ve been about as spontaneous as a square box, meaning, I need to color outside of the lines more often and break my so called “rules” (such as ‘I can only get a mani/pedi on the weekends’ — which never happens). Finally, outside of nurturing my body, mind and spirit through iGnite, I have neglected to do anything regular and kind for myself. This reminds me of wisdom that my husband Russell has shared with me, which is “we make time for what’s most important to us,” and clearly I have not valued myself enough to make time to do something nice for me.

Treating yourself to occasional nice things may feel indulgent, but in order to not feel neglected and deprived, you’ve got to do it! After all, we’d for sure encourage our girlfriends to, so let’s be rebels by coloring outside of the lines together and do something regularly kind for ourselves.

Action Item:
Schedule an indulgent treat for yourself and tell a girlfriend so she can hold you accountable.

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