Having a Dream

Harvest moon

If you don’t have a dream how you gonna have a dream come true?     -South Pacific

Point To Ponder:
Do you have a dream and if so, do you believe in it?
Action Item:
Determine at least one dream and believe in it.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

Last Friday, I attended a style show in Waco benefiting the Hillcrest Hospital Auxiliary. My mom has managed the Auxiliary Department for years and the annual Surviving in Style luncheon and fashion show features models who are former patients and are healthy and happy as a result of the hospital’s care. In order to support my mom, my sister and I always take part in the festive event.

Unlike the many Hillcrest Style Shows that I’ve attended, this one was different as it honored three doctors and their wives. Each of the retired doctors practiced medicine at Hillcrest since the 1970’s and have been instrumental in caring for cancer patients. While the hospital’s cancer center has served thousands of patients, the three doctors always dreamt of having more. In fact, the dream of having a state of the art cancer center that would prevent Central Texas cancer patients from traveling out of town was coming true, and ground was just broken last week. Therefore, as each doctor was recognized, Dr. Haluska closed with our profound quote of the week.

Following the style show I inquired about the new cancer center and learned that it will not be complete for many years. And, because the three doctors are retired they will never have the opportunity to treat a cancer patient in the new center; however, their impact, legacy and dream will forever be felt by every patient, family member, doctor, nurse and associate.

The wisdom I did not expect to take away from the Style Show is that we all must have dreams, and most importantly, we must never give up on them. Just as important is to plant and nurture our dream seeds as well as to have faith and trust the process of seeing our harvest come true.

Therefore, as the big and beautiful harvest moon glows above in the autumn night sky, I encourage you to dream both big and small, but most importantly, just dream.

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