Conquer May Mayhem!

Celebrating an awesome workout at Pease Park after Molly's 6PM Cross Training class

Celebrating an awesome workout at Pease Park after Molly’s 6PM Cross Training class

You won’t change until changing becomes one of your priorities instead of one of your options.
-Sonya Parker

by Catherine Hearn

by Catherine Hearn

For so many of us, May seems to have become ‘the December of spring:’ a month of hectic schedules replete with weddings, graduations, end-of-year performances, and on and on. Here, iGnite’s founder Neissa Springmann shares the three steps that have helped her stay sane in May.

Step 1: Create Realistic Expectations

It is important to get in the right mindset — to have the right expectations before the mayhem of May begins. When we acknowledge that it is what it is – a hectic and busy month – instead of fighting against it, then things often run much more smoothly for us. Tell yourself, “ok, this month is going to be very busy, a little stressful and hectic– but that’s just May!” Instead of being frustrated when things get overwhelming, you will have anticipated and accepted it. It is much easier to see a light at the end of the tunnel when you have already prepared yourself. After all, summer vacation is right around the corner!

Step 2: Get Organized
May Mayhem!
At the beginning of the month, get out your calendar and take a look at the month as a whole. Getting a complete, visual picture of the month’s obligations takes away the feeling of ‘the unknown’ that often adds to stress.

Step 3: Prioritize

What are your top priorities for the month? Sit down and identify them. Then, make decisions on what is a “must-attend” event and what is an “okay to pass up” event based on those priorities. Often we get in “say yes to everything” -mode instead of taking a step back and realizing that it’s ok to say no. Stay true to yourself and your priorities with your time, especially during hectic months like May.

One final tip: try your hardest to fit in some “me” time! While scheduling your kids’ camps, activities, performances, etcetera, be sure to schedule something for yourself that provides you with a mental escape. Plug in a yoga class, coffee with a close friend or a manicure during one of your “slower” weeks and stick to it. Your mind will thank you!

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