Think Outside the Chocolate Egg

Easter is over, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop with the eggs! Well, maybe cutting back on eating so many chocolate ones is a good idea, and it might be a bit strange if you continue to hide them in your front yard or decorate them with colorful paint… Instead, turn your focus over to the nutrient-dense ones sitting on the shelf of your refrigerator!

The misunderstood “incredible, edible egg” over the years has acquired a bruised reputation from reports that they contribute to raised cholesterol. But, we are here to tell you don’t give up on our old friend the egg! If you already have, give it a second chance! Eggs most definitely have a place in a heart-healthy diet and are extremely worthy of your love and dining table. Why? Because they are the whole package:

  • Eggs are a beneficial source of healthy fat
  • Eggs contain the highest-quality protein on the planet
  • Eggs are loaded with small amounts of vital nutrients
  • Eggs are low-calorie (about 75 calories each)
  • Eggs are budget-friendly ($0.08- $0.20 a pop!)

Huevos Rancheros with Queso Fresco

For a few fresh and healthy recipes to spice up your traditional egg preparation routine, check out these top-rated egg recipes from Cooking Light Magazine.

Now go ahead, grab those eggs and get cookin’!


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