Regain An Appreciation For The Beauty Around You


One of the MANY wonders of living in Texas….all the stunning flowers!!!

We never noticed the beauty because we were too busy trying to create it. (Anonymous)

by Catherine Hearn

by Catherine Hearn

Earth Day is this Sunday, and with incredible wildflowers blooming all around it’s easy to appreciate and marvel in the beauty of the earth. In light of Earth Day, make tiny efforts this month to regain an appreciation for your natural surroundings. Take out our your ear buds when you work out, go for a walk outside and listen to the birds and the rustle of the leaves, connect with the smells and sounds of nature, the beauty of the flowers and the lush greenery.

To enhance your appreciation – and possibly improve your random trivia scores – Here are a few not-so-widely-known facts about some of those Texas wildflowers you will see as you stroll:


Texas Bluebonnet 

  • As each flower ages, one of the top petals turns purple-red.

    Texas Bluebonnet

  • Looks like a little bonnet when you look at it closely. After it rains, look for a drop of water in each bonnet or bowl-like petal.
  • Part of the Legume family

Mexican Hat 

  • Looks like a Mexican sombrero
    Mexican Hat
  • The tall, finger-like stem growing above the petals turns brown as the flower ages
  • Can be used for making dye

Indian Paintbrush

  • Many species are parasitic, using the roots of other
    plants to help them grow
  • Often seen in fields with bluebonnets
    Indian Paintbrush
  • Grow in sandy soil

Now, go ahead and fully appreciate these beauties as you pass them on your daily errands and impress your friends with the new knowledge you’ve just acquired!


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