Vitamin D: The Healthy Side of Sunshine


Molly’s 6 PM Cross Training class getting our sweat and sunshine on at Pease Park

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
-Anthony D’Angelo

by Catherine Hearn

by Catherine Hearn

Continuing with the theme of these wonderful extended days… let’s celebrate enjoying more sunlight! And with sunlight comes the natural production of that fabulous vitamin D (if sunscreen isn’t worn), which is wonderful and essential for our bodies.

What are the benefits of Vitamin D?

  • Helps us absorb calcium, which helps to form and maintain STRONG BONES!
  • May protect against osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, auto-immune diseases and diabetes. Who doesn’t want that?

Sounds great, so how do I get it?

  • Sunlight! As little as 10 minutes of daily sun exposure without sunscreen is enough to prevent Vitamin D deficiencies. Don’t go too far beyond those 10 minutes without sunscreen, though – get your Vitamin D fill, then it’s back to your healthy UV-protection habits! Come try our outdoor iGnite classes for sun and exercise, a perfect combo! 
  • Food sources. Did bad weather or a hectic schedule keep you inside all day? Don’t fret- you can easily get your Vitamin D fill in the kitchen. Vitamin D is found in many dietary sources such as fish, eggs, fortified milk and cod liver oil.
group plank

Fun in the sun- Partner plank relay during Cross Training class at Pease Park!

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