The Tale of the Tooth Fairy

This week we’re celebrating the fifth Monarch Birthday of Lisa B, who also makes a beautiful Mrs. Claus! Way to go Lisa. You are a super star Monarch!

Limitations are only in our minds. But, if we use our imaginations, or possibilities become limitless.
— Jamie Paolinetti

Action Item:
Practice using your imagination and let the joy of the holidays keep your spirit young, enthusiastic and free.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

This year, we enjoyed Thanksgiving at my mom’s home. While our gathering was small, things were definitely eventful as Claire, my sweet, sassy and spunky seven year old niece was eager to make this Thanksgiving a memorable one. Prior to Thursday, Claire was a snaggle tooth and was missing only one of her two front teeth. The other tooth, however, was loose and she excitedly pranced around the house wiggling it, making everyone’s stomachs churn. In pursuit of motivating Claire to pull her tooth, my sister (Claire’s mom) informed her that the Tooth Fairy left more money at the home of her grandparents, and since Claire was spending the night, the Tooth Fairy was bound to pay up. Sure enough, by the end of the day the tooth was out and she was officially singing “All I want to for Christmas is my two front teeth.”

As you might expect, the anticipation over the mystical creature’s arrival was very high and while she lay in bed we discussed where the Tooth Fairy lives, what she looks like and exactly what Claire would do if she woke up and saw her. Claire was confident that she was about six inches tall, had black hair (with a pink streak), and of course wore fairy clothes. And that if she saw her, she would pretend to be asleep because she wouldn’t want to scare her away.

Needless to say, the Tooth Fairy came and left a cute pink bag holding eight shiny quarters. Claire was a happy camper and is tooth-fairyenthusiastic to see her friends on Monday so she can show off her giant gap and tell the tale of the Tooth Fairy that came to her grandparents’ home.

Obviously, I know that the Tooth Fairy is a fictional character, however talking about her was quite fun and reminded me how important it is to never stop using our imagination. According to Remez Sasson (founder of,

“A developed and strong imagination does not make you a daydreamer and impractical. On the contrary, it strengthens your creative abilities, and is a great tool for recreating and remodeling your world and life.”

I can actually attest to this, as I am my best when I get out of my adult, over-thinking analytical head and allow myself to listen and lead with my heart. This most often occurs when I’m on vacation, completely relaxed and can let my imagination run wild. It is always then that I am most creative, have the best ideas and see all things as possible.

Remez also reminds us that, “Imagination has a great role and value in each one’s life. We use our imagination whenever we plan a party, a trip, our work or a meeting. We use it when we describe an event, explain how to arrive at a certain street, write, tell a story or bake a cake. Imagination is a creative power that is necessary for inventing an instrument, designing a dress or a building, painting a picture or writing a book. The creative power of imagination has an important role in the achievement of success in any field. It is the power beyond creative visualization, positive thinking and affirmations.”

As we enter the Christmas season, the timing is ripe to put your imagination to work. While decorating your house, preparing family meals and creating your holiday cards, let the joy of the holidays keep your spirit young, open and free. Like anything, practice makes perfect (or close to it) and I am confident that when we consistently use our imaginations, life’s limitations disappear and the world opens up to enthusiastic possibilities, like getting a workout while Christmas shopping. That’s certainly creative and hysterical. I love this lady!

JOIN THE DISCUSSION- What’s a creative something you want to try this holiday season? 

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