Why I Love IGnite

October is BIRTHDAY MONTH and not only are we going to celebrate iGnite’s 5th birthday throughout the month of October, but we’re also going to celebrate a bevy of Monarch butterfly birthdays too! Exciting month full of celebrating relationships, accomplishments and endless goals we’re headed toward!

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.
— Ryunosuke Satoro

Action Item:
Enjoy iGnite‘s 5th birthday by celebrating in the festivities and embracing life’s sweetest pleasures: your health, family, old and new friendships, nature and making an positive difference in the lives of others.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

Before I get deep into this week’s Journal I advise you to watch the video first. After the first minute I found myself fidgeting with enthusiasm and covered with goose bumps. You are also going to be shocked at how many times our “word of the journey” comes up. So…go ahead. Scroll down and I’ll see you again in 4 minutes and we’ll fidget and enjoy goose bumps together.

Pardon my Texas accent, but what’d ya think? Are you ready to face your day, week, and life with enthusiasm, fearlessness and no regret while impacting the lives of everyone you see? The words in the video, along with the music, create the same sense of excitement in my soul as when I iGnite with you everyday. Unfortunately I am not at every class, however each day I hear stories from the iGnite Leaders about the shared life and love. Hearing this fires me up, making me eternally grateful to God for planting and growing His special iGnite seed, as well as for filling our lives with such tremendous and awe inspiring women. And, with today marking iGnite‘s official fifth birthday, I feel there is no better time than now to express the top ten reasons why I love iGnite. With a drumroll please…..here it goes:

  1. I love iGnite because……..we are a unique and inspirational mural representing every woman
  2. I love iGnite because……..we welcome everyone with open arms and smiling faces
  3. I love iGnite because……..we cooperate rather than compete
  4. I love iGnite because……..we celebrate life’s blessings together
  5. I love iGnite because……..we enjoy heartfelt conversations
  6. I love iGnite because……..we lift one another up during times of need
  7. I love iGnite because……..we support and embrace our community
  8. I love iGnite because……..we create lifelong friendships
  9. I love iGnite because……..we appreciate nature
  10. I love iGnite because……..we enthusiastically live life

It’s obvious that I love iGnite and I could easily create many more lists, however I am most enthusiastic about the WE. The first words in the video are “Sometimes you can’t make it on your own”. As much as I love the video, I don’t think you can ever make it on your own, which is why WE is an absolute necessary word for every area of our life. When WE combine hearts, minds and skill-sets and go about life together, the impact is immense. I’ll use iGnite as an example…

For the first two years I was the only iGnite Leader and that was exactly how I wanted it. Obviously, I was protective and couldn’t imagine anyone else caring for and nurturing our Monarchs the way I did. Then, it became clear to me that my heart, mind and skill-set alone would prevent growth for the Monarchs, which meant it was time to join forces. As I’ve expressed in previous journal writings, I had to start thinking big and trusting the process, but the actual first step was to put my ego aside and acknowledge that WE is much better than ME. I have no doubt that if ME would not have turned into WE, iGnite would simply be a verb and not a noun. Glance at this week’s Weekly Intention Guide for inspiration how you want to make your positive difference.

As we celebrate iGnite‘s fifth birthday, I celebrate WE, because together, WE will continually impact and iGnite lives in a beautiful assortment of ways. Happy Birthday iGnite– here’s to a lifetime of enthusiastic WE’s!

JOIN THE DISCUSSION- What’s your favorite part of being in a community or group you’re a part of? 

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