Unlimited Possibilities

Neissa’s Dream Board- “A look into my heart and mind.”

People get what they want in life when they reach the point at which they can see themselves having what they seek.
— Thomas D. Willhite

Action Item:
Combine your dreams, goals with strategic planning and faith and enjoy a life of enthusiasm!

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

As I’ve written in recent journals I love being inspired. When I get inspired my mind fills with new and larger than life ideas and at the drop of a hat I have fairy tale visions. From vacation homes, television shows, and extravagant trips that all involve my family, friends and iGnite, I fantasize about magical moments that make life-long memories.

Being inspired lifts my spirits and I’m always reminded that life is filled with unlimited possibilities. In fact, this is why I created my dream board four years ago. My brain and heart were overloaded with thoughts and ideas and the dream board helped me visualize the enthusiastic life that I was passionate about creating. While my dream board needs updating, it lives in my office and continues to inspire me everyday. Incredibly, many of my goals and dreams have come true and I am confident this happened because of the daily visual reminder.

Just the opposite is true of my husband Russell, who is very logical. Fortunately when I bombard him with my wild ideas he doesn’t criticize them, even though I know that his head is spinning. Instead, he patiently listens and asks critical questions about the process in which I will make these visions come true. Sometimes his ultra-organized thinking drives me crazy because strategic thinking is not my forte. However, I’ve come to realize that in order to take a step toward seeing my dreams and goals become a reality, regardless of their size, strategic planning is necessary.

iGnite members creating ‘Dream Boards’ at the 'New Year, New You' Retreat

iGnite members creating ‘Dream Boards’ at the ‘New Year, New You’ Retreat

Experience has also taught me that when combining dreams and goals with strategic planning and faith, anything is possible! And, in order to see your dreams and goals come true you must use your imagination to generate ideas and believe in life’s unlimited possibilities, as this combination creates an enthusiastic life!

As we approach our Goal Workshop which takes place this Tuesday and Wednesday, take the time and answer the following ten questions and watch this weeks video below. The result will be inspiration, clarity and giant step towards living an enthusiastic life!

  1. What does your best physical life look like?
  2. What does your best spiritual life look like?
  3. What does your best family life look like?
  4. What does your best personal life look like?
  5. What does your best professional life look like?
  6. What does your best philanthropic life look like?
  7. What are you willing to do to achieve your goals or connect to your dreams?
  8. What attitude do you have in your head?
  9. What obstacles are you willing to rise above?
  10. Are you willing to be committed for the long run to have what you want so badly?

JOIN THE DISCUSSION- Which question above was easiest to answer? 

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