Fun in All Forms

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Ask not what fun does for you, ask rather what you do for fun.
— Oaqui

Action Item:
Continue to embrace the final week of our Journey; don’t forget to try new things and most importantly, have fun!

As we enter the final week of our Journey, I reflect on all of the many ways we, the iGnite Monarchs, have fun. The beauty of my findings is that fun for us comes in many forms, even during a record breaking Texas summer. For Monarchs, fun looks like…..

Yoga on the Dock

Wednesday Water Adventures

Twisting on the Trail

Swimming at “the J”

Celebrating Birthdays and Our Independence

An Encouraging High-Five While Doing Push-Ups

 Reaching High in a Pilates Pull-Up

Sharing in Life

Kicking and Punching

Charging Powerfully Up Hills

Growing and Strengthening Our Wings

And Just Being…

These are some of the many ways we embrace our fitness and friendship and continue to explore the beauty of life in all of its forms. Enjoy the iGnite video and remember how much we appreciate YOU iGniting our Life!

JOIN THE DISCUSSION- What is the most fun thing you do in your life? 

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