Moving from Deprivation to Balance


Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not! (Anonymous)

Action Item:
Recognize when you’ve worked hard and selflessly given your time and talents. Then, gift yourself an indulgent treat that allows your mind to escape and reiGnites your body and spirit.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

Let’s just say I’ve come a long way. There was once a time, not too long ago, when I considered a granola bar to be my indulgent treat of the week! I was a young personal trainer and my daily caloric and fat intake consumed the majority of my thoughts, and of course I was a fanatical exerciser too. Ironically, to all of my clients I preached the importance of “balance.” I expressed that it was ok to have dessert and miss a day of exercise, as long as this was the exception to the rule. Then, of course, they would ask me the question, wondering if I walked my talk: Did I indulge on dessert and enjoy a day of rest? Of course not, but I’d always give my best politically correct answer which was… “I don’t crave dessert and if I do eat dessert I can’t stop, so I just avoid it all together, and if I don’t exercise (run at least five miles) everyday, I feel lethargic.” What a great role model I was! I am sure my clients appreciated my obsessive answers, as I was so relatable! …Yea right!

Thankfully, I am proud to say that I have since gotten over myself and can now absolutely enjoy a big fat piece of chocolate cake. Marriage (enjoying indulgent moments with Russell), iGniting with you (having to walk my talk and being around such superb role models) and pregnancy (needing to consume fatty foods in order to not feel sick) have thankfully helped me achieve more balance and I’ve never felt happier, healthier and more balanced.

In addition to allowing myself to indulge on dessert, I am also finding it necessary to indulge in other ways too. I strive for a monthly facial, pedicure/manicure and massage. Some months I’m able to fit in all three and other months not, but I now understand that when I allow myself these treats, much like dessert, my body, mind and spirit feel rejuvenated and I am much better personally and professionally.

All in all — and I know you already know this so thank you for reading — life can’t always be about work and no play. We all need moments of pleasure and indulgence or else we’re not balanced. Just like taking time to iGnite, we’re not being selfish, rather we are treating ourselves with the gift of health, happiness and balance. Should you always put exercising, your pedi, mani, dessert, massage and other indulgences first above all things? Of course not. That would be over indulgent which would be extreme.

By not depriving yourself, you will avoid getting resentful, burnt out and crabby (which is how I feel when I deprive myself).Recognize when you’ve worked hard and selflessly given your time and talents. Then, allow yourself an indulgent treat. Maybe it’s a mocha latte, time to read a book, a massage, an iGnite workout, lunch with a friend, a mid afternoon nap, a matinee, bubble bath or glass of your favorite wine—anything that allows your mind to escape and reiGnites your body and spirit.

Finally, while you aspire to indulge, don’t get too crazy like the women in this week’s video. Crazy late night snackin’ could lead to some crazy late night activities. Check it out. I know you’ll get a laugh.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION- Where in your life could you feel more balanced?

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