Windows Down, Volume Up

Determine to live life with flair and laughter.
— Maya Angelou

Action Item:
Look for and make your own opportunities to infuse fun into anything and everything that you do. Let your hair down, crank up the volume, sing and dance! Find lightness throughout your days, remember that your life is abundant, and give yourself permission to be silly and have FUN!

By April

By April

OK, so we now know, if we didn’t before, that everything is better alongside girlfriends and discipline will set us free. But what about those moments in between, when you are working, driving, or simply trying to enjoy and get the most out of your everyday life? These times should not just be “fillers” while we wait around for the fun to begin. Why can’t we find and make fun all of the time? After all, Cyndi Lauper never said ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Sometimes, On The Weekends, Or When They Feel It is Appropriate.’ Life should be FULL of FUN, and it’s up to us to find the joy in everything that we do. Listen to the original and amazing song to get the party started. 

Sound unrealistic?  Well… I’ll share some secrets of my own with you. Sure, I could feel overwhelmed by my jam-packed days and put on my blinders, going from job to job or from task to task. But all work and no play makes April a dull girl. Still, jobs need to get done and deadlines need to be met. So what’s a fun-loving, but disciplined girl to do? Find joy in the moment. Look for life’s little treasures in unexpected places. And if they don’t seem to be finding you, find them!  Create them. Make what you are doing more fun. Here’s the Weekly Intention Guide for a little assistance if you want some.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
— Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

A few months back, I had my windows down on a beautiful day, driving back to my apartment. Before I moved to Austin, I hadn’t had a car in seven years. I felt like I was in high school that day, with my windows down and music up. As I was going through stations on the radio, I stumbled across Cher’s “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss),” and that was all I needed! I turned up the volume, and belted it out, having my own private karaoke session in my car. I even imagined myself singing, all dressed up on a stage (in sequins, of course), with my girlfriends doing the “shoop shoop” part.

In reality, I was in the car by myself. I don’t even have a good voice. I could have easily gone right past the song, or just listened to it silently in my car. But I wanted to sing and feel the music and be in it! So I did. I gave myself permission to look a little insane, throw my inhibitions out the window, and pretend I was Cher for a few minutes. I’ve heard that song at least one other time since that day, driving somewhere else, and I couldn’t deny the urge to sing and let myself bask in the moment. I might not remember the details of the day or where I was going, but I remember how much fun I had alone, in my car, feeling free and alive.

When was the last time you totally let go and acted like a worry-free kid?!

When was the last time you totally let go and acted like a worry-free kid?!

Not surprisingly, my all-time favorite thing to do – anytime, anywhere, and as often as possible – is DANCE! Impromptu dance parties make the world a better place. Better yet, singing AND dancing together is ultimate bliss and pure joy! Of course, I LOVE to dance with others; the energy you get from friends is incredible. Happiness is contagious (it’s a scientific fact! Watch the video from this past Journal). However, don’t put rules around when and where you can let your hair down!

In high school, I was one to lip-sync into my round brush in front of the mirror and dance around in my room. I sing while I fold pants at lululemon athletica. Is folding pants something I consider intrinsically fun? No, but there’s no reason I can’t make it more fun (I change Lady GaGa’s song, “Just Dance” into “just, just, just, just PANTS!”). I make other people laugh and am enjoying myself at work a lot more than I would be otherwise. If I hear a good song that makes me want to move – at work, in the car, at an iGnite class – I give in and go for it! I love the Maya Angelou quote above because you can decide you want to live a colorful and vibrant life. I have learned to look for the opportunities to live bigger, brighter, and more fully, and it’s the best gift you can give yourself.

So… what are you waiting for? Look for those opportunities, or create them yourself! Be willing to look a little bit crazy and soak it all in. Life is meant to be LIVED, and iGnited! Enjoy this song and don’t hesitate to sing and “ja, ja, ja, ja, just DANCE” along with these amazingly talented New York City public school fifth graders.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION-What’s your favorite memory of really letting your hair down?

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4 thoughts on “Windows Down, Volume Up

  1. April

    I really needed this reminder! Funny that I wrote this journal entry and am a time in my life where I need to re-visit this very concept. Thank you for featuring this! Love and miss my iGnite family. ❤

  2. neissa-iGnite, Founder

    I, too, find it funny how we know exactly what we need, but doing it is always more challenging. Thank goodness for journal and blog reminders. They’ll keep us on track and accountable 🙂
    We love and miss you, April!!!!!

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  4. neissa

    Awesome! We are thrilled that you found us and look so forward to hearing more from you. Please never hesitate to comment. We really appreciate ongoing, open and honest dialogue. It’s what’s connect us all. Neissa (founder of iGnite Your Life)


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