Daily Discipline Will Set You Free


Playland Skate, Journey XVII Party: Skating is certainly not an easy skill (especially when you haven’t skated in twenty years), but after disciplining your body with iGnite, your mind is open and your spirit is as free as a butterfly…making a “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” skate party with your fellow Monarchs an opportunity for new discoveries and transformations.

Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it’s a kind of order that sets me free to fly.
— Julie Andrews

Action Item:
Enjoy the loose and less structured summer days, however continue to practice daily disciplines and acts of diligence as this will earn you freedom, health, happiness and fun.

By Amy Younkman

By Amy Younkman

When I first read this quote several years ago it struck me – I had always thought of discipline as willful containment, or reigning in, whereas freedom represented wide-open, “the sky’s the limit” possibilities. As I pondered this quote and it begin to sink in, I realized it was absolutely spot on.

Within freedom lies the ability for new discoveries and transformation. However, if freedom is not balanced with the right amount of self-discipline, there is no internal container or self-regulation process in place. We have to learn about limitations through self discipline in order to learn about (and earn) the truth about freedom. Discipline requires an intentional commitment to connect with what’s important to us. Over time, practicing daily disciplines, or acts of diligence, earns us our freedom.

For me, the discipline of meeting a best friend at 6 AM to run around the lake 2 – 3 times a week for over 20 years has certainly brought more energy, passion, peace and contentment to my days and to my life, much like an iGnite workout with friends. Every Monday, I discipline myself to do laundry (ugh!), plan dinners for the week, and spend time on my yoga mat listening to my inner advisor and preparing my yoga classes for the week. When I do these things, my family life runs smoother for the week and I enthusiastically look forward to my yoga classes with renewed inspiration. No one can give me personal freedom; I have to earn it for myself.

Come take yoga class on the Lake or Power Pilates from wonderful Amy! Check the schedule to find the next one that fits for you: http://igniteyourlifenow.com/schedule

Come take yoga class on the Lake or Power Pilates from wonderful Amy! Check the schedule to find the next one that fits for you: http://igniteyourlifenow.com/schedule

While I love the looser schedules, less structure and vacation days of summer, I also realize I can’t truly enjoy “lazy days of summer” without my personal disciplines in place. In summer I loosen up on some of them, allowing more time for spontaneity and creative escapes. I find if I rise early to workout, get to bed at a reasonable hour, eat and drink in moderation and keep healthy food on hand, I am more apt to be a vital, happy and healthy person laying fertile ground for personal growth and freedom to take root. Need a little help organizing your goals into a plan to increase discipline? Glance at this Weekly Intention Guide to help organize your thoughts.

Each summer I like to plan individual growth opportunities for my kids and for myself. To expand my knowledge and skill base, I’m earning my Pilates mat certification this summer. I also committed to riding the Mamma Jamma Bike Ride on October 1. Since I love to cycle in the summer and have enjoyed this well-run event the past two years, I agreed to coordinate an iGnite team along with co-captain Lisa Hildebrand. By disciplining myself to training rides, I will steadily build my endurance and strength while enjoying time with fellow iGnite members and making new friends. For me, cycling is an ultimate form of freedom…..with the wind at by back, I leave worries, frustrations and obligations behind me as I discover new vistas and possibilities around each bend in the road.

I hope you will consider joining our Team iGnite for the Mamma Jamma. From beginner to experienced rider, there are training rides for every level. You will not only become a stronger cyclist, you will discover your personal freedom in setting a goal and achieving it. If you need some extra motivation in any area of your life, watch this week’s video and get inspired because, “I know you can believe in yourself!! Keep practicing and get better and better. Thumbs UP for Wok N Woll!”

JOIN THE DISCUSSION- We are curious what your strategy is for staying disciplined?  

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