Bark Less, Wag More



Action Item:

Throughout the week, consider this quote and greet each day (as well as your family members, friends, and neighbors) with a spunky and friendly tail-wagging attitude, while eliminating the bark. Not only will the people around you appreciate it, but you’ll be giving a beautiful gift for everyone to enjoy and follow.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

It just so happened that my mom was in town for “Sisters Weekend.” She and her sister Sharon, who lives in Round Rock, designate a few weekends out of each year to spend time, reminisce, and enjoy shopping, gardening, and late nights of laughter together. Basically, it’s a weekend-long slumber party that is absolutely hysterical. Because this weekend is Mother’s Day weekend, I decided that my husband Russell and son Durant and I would stop by to give my mom her Mother’s Day gift, big hugs and tell her how much we love and appreciate her.

As we pulled into my aunt’s driveway, the sisters just driven up too. They had been to a flower nursery where my mom found and purchased a plant called a “Duranta,” which blooms blue flowers. She thought this was entirely ironic and wonderful (because of her grandson Durant) and as she got out of the car she was all smiles and oh-so-proud of her new plant. It didn’t take but two seconds before both of them put their plants down and headed straight towards Durant giggling, with bright and smiling faces.

Within just a few minutes, the five of us were inside my Aunt’s cozy home. As they shared amusing details of their special family weekend, my Mom fed Durant and we sipped on cold drinks. It didn’t take long before we transitioned into the backyard, under the gazebo and enjoyed the shade, breeze and one another’s loving company.

Unfortunately, we could only stay for two hours which passed by quickly. However, despite our abbreviated stay, it was a special and dear time. I was once again reminded of how amazing my mom is and how blessed I am to have such a tremendous role model. She is a prolific woman of admirable characteristics and if I’m fortunate enough to possess a few of them, I will be grateful. 

This Mother’s Day, as I think of her many endearing qualities, the one that is paramount is her eternal “don’t sweat the small stuff” optimistic attitude and ability to laugh at just about anything. It’s rare that she doesn’t have a radiating smile on her face and in fact, her spirited and uplifting personality reminds me of this week’s quote, which was on a bumper sticker that iGniter Louise recently shared with me. “Bark Less, Wag More”— What a brilliant life philosophy, and this is exactly my mom’s and Louise’s attitude that is so inspiring! Honestly, while growing up I do not remember her ever yelling at us or ever even complaining. And now, as an adult, the only time I recall hearing her complain is if it is absolutely 100% justifiable.

I realize that creating the analogy between my mom’s spirited attitude and a happy dog might be strange, but I love the idea of “barking less and wagging more”- it makes me smile and I just don’t see how applying it to our daily life could be bad. Actually, the ultimate attitude goal would be to combine a happy bark with a tail wag, like the one seen in this week’s video. I know you will thoroughly enjoy it and I look forward to barking less and wagging more with you. 

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