The Beauty of Today


Congratulations Sam, iGniter of 3 years, continually getting stronger and wiser…thanks for spreading your awesomeness, Sam!

You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.
— Jan Glidewell

Action Item:
As you spring clean, be thankful for your past, say goodbye to yesterday, and embrace the beauty and blessings of today.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

I know, I know… Now that I am a mother it seems like all of my journals are “mom analogies.” I promise one day I’ll be able to talk about more than just my mom experiences, but for now, I am amazed by all that I am learning about myself, life, family, friendship and so much more.

As I expressed in last weeks Journal, Spit Up is Normal, I have struggled to accept my “new life” that is no longer in a perfectly organized and predictable square box. Before having my son Durant (just over three months ago) I was as free as a butterfly and I did exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. I fluttered around town, ran errands, had lunch with friends, took naps, worked and exercised whenever I wanted and with my husband Russell traveling so much, his schedule hardly caused me to slow down.

Obviously, this transition into motherhood has not been an easy one and as a result, a few weeks ago I vented to my sister about the difficulty.  I was having trouble accepting not finding time to brush my teeth and take a shower, much less spend time with friends and exercise, even though this was NEVER a problem before! She is independent like me and has two children, so she experienced the same feelings upon starting her family. Thankfully, she passed down wise advice. She expressed that I needed to say goodbye to the past and embrace the present and future, because life as I once knew it would never be the same. I needed to accept my new life and stop trying to fit my old life into my new life. We know this is difficult for all of us, so the Weekly Intention Guide is here to help give you some inspiration and structure.

At first, I found this to be very discouraging news, because I loved my life before. However, after contemplating her words as well as one of my own life philosophies, which is to step out of your comfort zone and embrace change, I decided she was exactly right. As long as I continued to try to fit my old life into my new life, I would constantly be discouraged and would never be able to fully enjoy the new life I now have. I also remember feeling this way after college. After “real world” reality set in, I really wanted to go back to college, where it was safe with no surprises, but I too realized that growth would not follow in the “safe zone.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 3.55.05 PM

We all go through big life changes like motherhood. At iGnite we support and encourage each other to breathe, get outside, have fun, and stay strong mind body and spirit to embrace- rather than resist-those sometimes overwhelming changes. Pictured above is Alli’s new Playdate Class-bring kiddos to the park so moms can exercise any time!

Upon welcoming her advice, I’ve since begun to relax and appreciate my new life as a mom. I am appreciating it and am having much more fun. Of course, transition is never easy and each day comes with its own set of obstacles, however I realize that my new life is filled with new and wonderful opportunities and I am actually more organized, (which puts my mind at ease), and more fulfilled, (which fills my heart to the brim) than I ever before. I cannot believe I’m saying that my life feels complete! Now, does this mean I don’t miss parts of my old life, ABSOLUTELY not. However, I have accepted that my new life is a gift and it’s filled with an abundant amount of wonderful possibilities.

So, how in the world does this translate to you? Well, I’m not exactly sure, but I do know that our lives are changing everyday. From children graduating and going off to college, you or your husband accepting or changing jobs, giving up your freedom to care for your aging parents- all of these life changes are not easy and can create fear and resentment because our sweet and perfect lives were interrupted.

Therefore, as we continue to spring clean, rather than resist the life that you have been given, or wish you had your old life back, I encourage you to be thankful for your past, say goodbye to yesterday, and embrace the beauty and blessings of today. For sure, your level of gratitude will increase and your joy meter will sky rocket; and remember, when we hold on too tightly to the past and resist embracing the present and the future, your life might look something like the game “Snap” on the Ellen Degeneres Show. The object is to get the red delicious apple, but due to the exhausting, opposite and resisting force, it’s extremely difficult to simply get to and enjoy the sweet and juicy red apple. Watch and enjoy a deep belly laugh…

JOIN THE DISCUSSION- What are you holding onto from the past that’s stopping you from being present to today’s blessings? 

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