Creating New Possibilities

As the seasons change from winter to spring and the flowers and trees bloom, Mother Nature reminds us of the infinite and continual possibilities that await us today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives.

“At every point in time, there are infinite possibilities and a parallel reality exists for each possibility, so there are literally infinite branches…”
— the character of Daniel Jackson in the TV series Stargate – Episode: ‘Point Of View’

Action Item:
Recognize the stories you have created about yourself and your life that are not serving you. Create new, exciting possibilities for your life and view of yourself, knowing that you have the power to choose your reality.

By April Black

By April Black

I attend the Landmark Forum last weekend, which was a personal development and education conference. It was a truly unique experience and I am thankful to lululemon athletica for giving me this opportunity. Since last weekend, I have been open to new possibilities and more aware of the life I am creating for myself. Landmark is designed to give you the tools to “live life powerfully and live a life you love.” You learn that you are the only one responsible for your happiness and for your view on any and every situation, including your view about yourself.

This has been my biggest struggle and I am now far more aware of the stories I create about myself and the language I use to think and talk about myself. My reality for a very long time has been that “I am not good enough,” much in line with Amy Younkman’s journal entry, Being Good Enough, just a couple of weeks ago. I have been telling this to myself for years, finding plenty of evidence and living my days knowing this to be true. I’ve fought compliments, never stopped to applaud my accomplishments, and constantly thought about what more I could be doing or what I don’t have, instead of what I DO have. But at the end of the day, I have created that reality… it does not actually exist in space.

Who is the one choosing to believe ‘I’m not good enough’? I am, although I have the power to choose a different story. And why have I been holding on to a story and a reality that makes me feel badly about myself?! It’s because I have really believed it to be true, but I created that reality and have gone forward proving to myself day in and day out that it is true. You will always find evidence to support your view and prove your view to be true.

However, someone else may see me in a completely different light- and to them, their view is just as 100% true as my story and picture of myself. I find this incredibly comforting, as I am surrounded by many inspiring, supportive, and generous people who think the world of me. I trust and love these people, and know they wouldn’t spend time with me and care about me as much as they do if they thought I was a dud! So to them, this is the woman I am – and I much prefer to think of myself that way than the way I have previously created. Is this a challenge for you, too? The Weekly Intention Guide was created to walk you through some brainstorming for yourself if you’d like inspiration.


iGniters work out with compassionate, driven and inspiring people to help us strive for continued growth every day.

You paint your view of yourself and of others…. The paintbrush is in your hands. While this is one area of my life I am opening up new possibilities for how I view myself, this can be done for every facet of your life – your relationship with your parents, children, husband, friends, coworkers, and so on. There are infinite possibilities and stories to be created. You have the power to choose stories that make you feel fulfilled, and live a life you love.

Know that you are already whole, complete, and perfect, and nothing is “wrong” with you. Stop filling your days with thoughts and stories about yourself and your life that don’t serve you. Join me as I work on choosing positive, powerful, and exciting possibilities for my life instead. Paint a beautiful picture of yourself, knowing you could choose something different, but why would you? Use the Weekly Intention Guide to recognize your stories and create new ones. Every day is a blank slate! You are the artist of your life.

Now let’s paint, and never ever stop believing in yourself and loving yourself. This week’s video is a hysterical reminder of what IS possible. Not only is the little darling too young to be able to memorize the inspirational speech (but he does), but listen to his confidence when Ellen asks him if he knows how adorable he is. Oh to have the confidence of a five year old. Enjoy and be prepared to laugh and be amazed!!

JOIN THE DISCUSSION- How do loved ones in your life describe you? Is that different from how you describe yourself?

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