How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
— Marcel Proust

Action Item:
Make time to “water” the friendships in your life, new & old, and watch them grow!

By April Black

By April Black

Is there anything more important in life than relationships? Busy as we are and amongst everything we juggle, it’s the people in our lives that make it all worthwhile. The hardest part about leaving DC was leaving my friends, and not surprisingly, the most challenging part about coming to Austin was not having any when I arrived! It was a big transition in my life and while I was determined to make it work, I had many lonely moments without a support system here in Austin. I am an independent person and perfectly comfortable doing things on my own; however, having people with which to share in life’s journey makes it far more enjoyable, and much more rewarding.

Fast forward eight months, and I feel extremely grateful for the people I’ve met and friendships I’ve developed deep in the heart of Texas. iGnite has been a huge part of that, and all of you have helped me develop a sense of home in a new city. I have had to be both patient and proactive at the same time throughout this process. Like plants, friendships require time and loving care in order to grow – it takes time to meet people and establish relationships, but you also have to make an effort and invest in others to foster the budding connections. The same holds true for longstanding friendships (or relationships of any kind, for that matter) and too often we take those in our lives for granted. A plant left alone will not thrive or be as vibrant as one that receives water, sunlight, and trimming. This is a constant.

As we continue to think about living our legacy, I cannot think of a more important and meaningful way to give of ourselves than through the relationships in our lives. Friendships feed the soul, and the most amazing part is that the street goes both ways. Far beyond material things, giving the gift of your friendship and love makes a lasting impact on the lives of others, and gives back to you ten-fold. I encourage you this week to take the time to reach out to friends – new and old – and share of yourself with them. Whether it be a phone call, a note, a meal, or a walk, prioritize the “gardeners” in your life who make you happy and encourage you to grow. I could certainly do a better job of reaching out to my friends who don’t live in Austin, as well as making an effort to further develop (or even make new!) friendships here. Look at the Weekly Intention Guide for a helpful layout and inspirational ideas.

Thank you ALL for leaving a piece of your legacy with me and sharing your light through iGnite. I am grateful for you!

You can grow your own TX butterfly garden with these tips… “if you build it, they will come!”

JOIN THE DISCUSSION- Who are the friends you are most thankful for? 

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