Shifting Priorities


“I learned that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything… at least not at the same time.” — Dan Millman

Action Item:
Choose the most important things to you this week and give your full self to those things. Loosen your expectations to “do it all” and do less with more heart.

By April Black

By April Black

I am a go big or go home kind of girl. I don’t like to take on a project or do something if I can’t give it 100% and perform to my full potential. From being a “straight ‘A” student growing up, top of my dance class, and Panhellenic President in college, I certainly enjoy working hard and the feelings of success associated with these accomplishments. But there’s a big danger to be aware of in wanting and expecting to be the best at everything, all of the time – I’m constantly falling short.

Lately, I feel like I have been spread a bit thin and not able to give my 100% to any of my endeavors, which is never a good feeling. However, this was a great opportunity for me to rethink my priorities and adjust my schedule accordingly. These feelings were an indication that something had to shift, so that I could be fully present and committed to the items on my plate, instead of doing all of them half-heartedly. In thinking about living my legacy, I would much rather fill my life with fewer, more important things and really shine at those (and enjoy them!), than try to take on everything at once and constantly feel like I am doing a mediocre job or just skimming by.

Neissa and I had a great conversation the other day about this, and her analogy really stuck with me. Think about it like this: we all have multiple buckets to fill and give to – different jobs, special people and aspects of our lives. My personal buckets include daughter, sister, friend, iGnite leader, lululemon educator, and pure barre instructor. In addition to those are other things like working out, socializing, and “me” time. Every day is a constant balance of these buckets… some days, one bucket may need more water and therefore, another bucket gets a little less. Maybe a friend or child is in need, and so you miss a class you had planned on attending. Maybe you got a huge assignment at work, and so you skip happy hour. Or maybe, you just need some time to do nothing and take care of you – don’t forget to fill your own bucket!

Moms and kiddos get together for iGnite class in Pease Park for filling the 'Me' bucket- family time, fresh-air time, and exercise time.

Moms and kiddos get together for iGnite class in Pease Park for filling the ‘Me’ bucket- family time, fresh-air time, and exercise time.

Like water, your priorities need to be fluid and shift at different points in your life. For example, Neissa just added the “Mother” bucket to her list, and her baby Durant is requiring a lot of her attention. In order for her to fill that bucket, the water levels shift – she is teaching less than she used to, her sleep bucket is feeling parched, and her husband Russell now happily shares the “man of the house” title. In time, things will certainly shift again, and again, and again. Every day is a different balance! The Weekly Intention Guide will help you create a plan for this constant balancing act.

The challenge is to remember that everyone has a different set of buckets, and to not compare where you are at this moment to anyone else. Only you know what works for you. Instead of filling certain buckets because you feel like they “should” be at a particular level or you need to “keep up” with Joneses, focus on filling the buckets that are most important to you right now, and that make you feel whole. Then, the more you give to the things that truly matter, and the more your own bucket will overflow and you will suddenly have even more to give!

It takes perfect water levels (and lots of practice!) to make this happen:

JOIN THE DISCUSSION- What different buckets do you fill? 

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