the Santa Monica steps

the Santa Monica steps

“Great results cannot be achieved at once; and we must be satisfied to advance in life as we walk, step by step.”    – Samuel Smiles

Point to Ponder:
When you’re going through the day-to-day, do you lose sight of what you are working toward?

Action Item:
Keep your eye on the prize — identify a specific health, career or other personal goal you are working towards and stay motivated by visualizing what it will be like when you are successful.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

Santa Monica, California is one of my favorite vacations spots. Just outside of L.A., the breeze off the ocean creates an ideal temperature leaving the mornings and evenings cool and the daytime perfect. From the quaint restaurants, boutiques, and cottage-style homes to roses, hydrangeas and flowers galore, the charm of the city is simply “sweet.” One of my favorite spots within the city is the Santa Monica Steps. The steps number 154 (compare that to Mt. Bonnell’s 102), each old and worn down, yet used every day by thousands of inspiring exercisers of all ages, shapes, sizes and forms. Whether choosing to walk, jog, double step, double step with a leg lift, side step or match the pace of a motivational competitor, the experience is always grueling and entirely humbling. My heart rate spikes, and my legs burn as they turn to jello. I stay sore and walk weird for days after, but the view at the top—the infinite Pacific Ocean—makes the self-induced agony worthwhile.

Steps with a breathtaking view at the top—like our very own Mt. Bonnell—are analogous to the step-by-step journey of life and the treasure and infinite opportunities that await us when we make it to the top. The steps you’ll take on your life journeys are:

Step 1. Commit to the undeniable fact that morphing is essential and it’s time to “Take Flight”—continual growth and change is necessary.

Step 2. Believe in yourself and that anything is possible—every action is 90% mental and only 10% physical.

Step 3. Rid yourself of extra and unnecessary “weight,” i.e. negative thoughts, relationships, behaviors, and burdens you have no control over—no more ‘ought-to-haves,’ ‘should-haves,’ ‘maybe-wills,’ or ‘I-hope-tos.’

Step 4. Allow the team and community to support and encourage you. It’s the law of attraction: if you are open to receiving, they will come.

Step 5. Set your sight on your goals, begin moving up the steps and embrace your heart rate rising.

Step 6. Trust the shaky, nervous and discomforting feelings you have—this is when real change starts to occur.

Step 7. Be proud of yourself and acknowledge what a great job you are doing.

Step 8. Give someone a high five—be a support and encouragement to others.

Step 9. Keep taking steps and don’t give up on yourself.

Step 10. You’ve made it! You are alive, free and flying high! Nothing can stop you now!

This week, I encourage you to relax, put a smile on your face and be excited about the positive step-by-step journey you’ve embarked on!

If you still are unable to get excited, maybe this week’s video—featuring my favorite boy band and middle school crush—will inspire you to enjoy the step by step process of becoming a transformed woman. Even if the lyrics don’t inspire you, I am confident the hair styles or dance moves will—watch carefully, as there is a flash of a bicep curl!!

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