It’s ALL About Perspective: Changing the “Have To”s to “Get To”s

Point to Ponder:
How often do you hear yourself negatively say that you “have to” do something?

Action Item:
Eliminate the “have to” and replace it with “get to.” Perspective is everything.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

Have you ever been so sick with the flu or a stomach bug that all you can think of is how AWFUL it would be to stay sick? Or, while in the midst of being sick, actually thought you’d NEVER get better? Furthermore, have you ever noticed that after being sick or injured, or even after experiencing something sad, unfortunate or inspirational, that your level of gratitude and motivation to try new things and to live a fulfilling, fearless and joyful life is heightened? Personally, my answer to all of these questions is YES. It often takes me getting sick, injured or seeing something sad or inspirational to be reminded of how great my life really is and all of the incredible things I get to do everyday.

I’m not exactly sure why it takes an injury, being sick, or experiencing something sad or inspirational for us to be reminded of how blessed we are to get to live everyday. I suppose it’s one of those “human things,” but what’s most important is that more often than not we view our life and our day-to-day activities — work, going to the grocery store, seeing friends, taking kids from point A to point B, exercise — as things we GET to do versus things we HAVE to do.

Of course, if we want to earn money, have food in the house, be involved in our friends’/significiant other’s/children’s lives and stay healthy and fit, it’s necessary that we take part in these activities. But positive perspective, attitudes, and phrases such as “I get to” attract dynamic relationships, radiant energy and exciting opportunities — while negative attitudes and words attract bleak relationships, stagnant energy and very few new opportunities. Something as simple as saying and viewing your daily to-dos as things you “get to do” vs. things you “have to do” can and will change the way you view life as well as the way life views you.

In this week’s video, Patrick Henry Hughes explains what all life has given him. You’re bound to be inspired as perspective and attitude are everything! I’m eager to see and hear what life gifts you get this week!

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